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Donald T Duke, Certified AMSOIL Dealer A LLSYNTHETICSGROUP.COM is a member of The All Synthetics Group, located in Cadiz in the beautiful TVA lakes region of western Kentucky. As we endeavor to be friendly to both the environment and the public, AllSyntheticsGroup.com is dedicated to providing environmentally safe products of exceptional value and quality as well as first class service to all of our customers. As a result, we carry only the best in synthetic lubrication products: AMSOIL.. AMSOIL is American-made and, as an Air Force retiree and Vietnam veteran, I realize the importance of reducing our dependence on imported oil.

Our Vision:
To educate the public regarding the practicality and availability of extended drain synthetic lubricants and super high efficiency oil and air filtration.

Our Mission:
To provide premium quality products offering exceptional performance and value to customers seeking to reduce maintenance, improve fuel economy, and extend vehicle and equipment life.

We are a certified independent reseller of AMSOIL synthetic lubrication and filtration products. As the largest synthetic lubricant manufacturer in the world, AMSOIL carries everything you could possibly need to improve the performance of any vehicle or piece of equipment while extending its life and saving time, money and the environment in the process. Most of these products were industry firsts from AMSOIL, so you can rest assured that AMSOIL has had plenty of time to perfect them while other companies played catch-up.

In fact, AMSOIL is so sure of the quality of their products that they guarantee you AMSOIL synthetic oils will NEVER be the cause of any vehicle warranty nullification. If anyone ever tells you that AMSOIL's extended drain intervals were the cause of any mechanical failure, have them put it in writing. AMSOIL will then go to bat for you. If it is proven that AMSOIL was the cause of the problem (which has never happened) and the warranty is voided, AMSOIL will cover the cost of the repair. I call that confidence!

Feel free to browse our site for more information about how our products/services can save you time and money while performing better than any other products on the market. Maybe you are even thinking about becoming an AMSOIL Dealer yourself. If so, read this fine article by a successful AMSOIL dealer:

Then take a look at our dealer information section.

Don Duke
The All Synthetics Group
Cadiz, KY
Gateway to the "Land Between the Lakes"

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